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Year in Review, Wild Dreams, and a Personal Mission

By the end of a long holiday season, I'm always feeling jittery about how little writing I've been able to do, with multiple deadlines mounting in my head and frustration that I haven't managed to do more. Why haven't I somehow done more???

But here's what I have written in 2016, as an annual record for myself to look back on, because it genuinely helps:

  • I did structural edits (i.e. major rewrites) on The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart and Congress of Secrets

  • I wrote my Kat-all-grown-up-with-kids short-short story "Flying Magic"

  • I wrote another short-short story that's currently out on submission

  • I wrote the last 23,000 words of my MG spies-and-fairies book (to be published in 2018) and then did a substantial rewrite of the full book before turning it in to my MG editors

  • I wrote the first 29,000 words (about the first 3/4) of my first adult novella, Snowspelled (which should be released sometime in 2017)

  • I wrote the opening to my next-next MG book (my grumpy-princess-and-giants-and-sisters-and-goblin-girls book)

So, all in all, I wrote just under 57,000 words on brand-new stories and also did major rewrites (including many thousands of new words) on three full books, along with various rounds of line edits, copyedits, etc, all of which took time and energy.

It's certainly not a massive amount of wordage compared to many of the writers I know, but considering that my younger son isn't in full-time school yet - so I only have 14 hours a week of writing time - I'm telling myself AS FIRMLY AS POSSIBLE that it's not too bad. Whew.

(And I'm posting it publicly as part of my personal mission to teach myself to be proud of what I do get done rather than focusing nonstop on wishing that I'd done more.)

In the non-writing aspects of my life, I took my kids on my first solo weekend away with them and it went wonderfully; I had a great time taking my younger son on an overnight trip to London; and my older son and I went to his first-ever ballet in Cardiff and he called it one of the best days of his life. So those are the accomplishments I'm hanging onto there, at the end of a tough year!

What about you guys? I'd love to hear (either here or on Twitter or Facebook) about any of the things you're most glad to have accomplished this year, no matter how large or small. Here's to do-able goals and pride in our work!

And in the next few days, I'll be sitting down to make my yearly list of Big Dreams, !!!WILD!!! Dreams (with extra capitalization and italics to emphasize the wild implausibility of them all!) and also Small, Do-Able Goals across the year. If you guys feel like sharing any of your own personal goals/dreams for 2017, I'd love to hear about them!

Wishing you all a wonderful turning of the year!
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