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Hot Chocolate Day!

Hooray, hooray, it's Hot Chocolate Day! And even MrD's toy dinosaurs are celebrating:


Kat is making her boxed set début, and if you'd like a copy for yourself, you can ask for it at your local bookstore or you can buy a copy online at IndieboundBarnes & NobleThe Book Depository, or Amazon. You can also add it to your shelf on Goodreads.

But more importantly for's time to drink some hot chocolate in celebration!

Writing the Kat books, and seeing them published, has been such an amazing journey for me, beginning all the way back in 2007. Seven years of Kat in my life - wow! And honestly and truly, just like hot chocolate brings me comfort and joy in my day-to-day life, writing the Kat books felt like hot chocolate for my writer-soul. These stories made me happy, they made me laugh even during some very difficult times, they felt deeply liberating to write, and they brought out my very best self as a writer. Seeing Kat's final publication (most likely) is a bittersweet but also amazing moment.

I'd love it if you guys would celebrate with me by lifting a glass of hot chocolate in community today! I, of course, really enjoyed drinking mine, using my modified version of Laura Florand's recipe:


If you want to try one of the three recipes I've already posted ("Original Comfort," "Vegan Perfection," and "A Witch's Chocolate"), you can find them all at this link. And here's one more recipe for today: the coconut milk hot chocolate that saved me during the 18 months I had to go dairy-free when MrD was a baby. It is unbelievably rich and utterly delicious.

Now here's my happiest discovery of today: Sally Jane Thompson, one of my very favorite artists, wrote a fabulous blog post for Hot Chocolate Day, with a photo and mouthwatering description of her own hot chocolate creation. And look what else she included in her blog entry:

kat-drinking-hot-chocolate-sally-jane-thompson 460

It's Kat drinking hot chocolate!!! (See her original blog entry here for the full-size version.)

Happy Hot Chocolate Day, everybody. I hope it's a really good day. :)
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