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Hot Chocolate Two: Vegan Perfection

Before I move on to today's fabulous guest post, I just want to say: THANK YOU to everyone who read, signal-boosted, and/or replied to my blog post yesterday. It was a really scary post to write and to make public, but the support I've gotten for it has been amazing.

Thank you.

But today I am practicing stubborn gladness and moving back to hot chocolate and joy, because - it's almost Hot Chocolate Day! And I know some of my readers are dairy-free, so today I've asked my wonderful, vegan husband, author Patrick Samphire, to do a guest post about his own favorite dairy-free recipe for hot chocolate.

And here he is!

Hot Chocolate Two: Vegan Perfection, by Patrick Samphire

October 7th, as everybody who is anybody knows, is Hot Chocolate Day. In celebration of the publication of Steph's Kat, Incorrigible box set, A Most Improper Boxed Set (Indiebound | Barnes and Noble | Amazon), every improper young lady or gentleman will be drinking a hot chocolate.

A Most Improper Boxed Set

The trouble is, of course, that some of us are weird, by which I mean vegan, and the milk of all living things is forbidden unto us, and you can't make hot chocolate without milk, right?

Yeah, right.

There are some people who would use soya milk to make hot chocolate, others who, Gods forbid, might use rice milk. I'm here to share with you the absolutely best but incredibly simple vegan hot chocolate without use of the abominations of soya or rice milk.

So, here's what you're going to do.

1. First, choose a decent sized mug and fill close to the top with Almond milk. You probably want to get sweetened almond milk, but not stuff with too much sugar. Pour into a small pan and set on the heat.

2. Get hold of a bar of Divine 70% dark chocolate (you probably should have done this before putting the Almond milk on the heat; if you didn't, take it off again). You can use other dark chocolates, but Divine is by far the best for this. If you can't get it, find a dark chocolate that isn't too bitter. Use six squares of chocolate and add to the milk.


3. Whisk until all the chocolate has melted, but don't let the milk boil.

4. Pour back into your mug.

That's it. Very easy. You can add your own flavourings like cinnamon, nutmeg or even chilli, but why would you?

Because life is never easy, you'll find this hot chocolate can separate slightly or develop a skin if you leave it too long (again, why would you?) so stir it occasionally with a dessert spoon to keep that lovely creamy texture.

And now that you've got your hot chocolate, settle down to read the Kat, Incorrigible trilogy. It's the perfect accompaniment.

(And you can find out more about Patrick and his upcoming MG adventure novel Secrets of the Dragon Tomb on his website.)


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Oct. 3rd, 2014 01:06 pm (UTC)
Mmm, this sounds good! I'm not vegan but I don't love dairy milk, so I'm going to have to try this one!
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