Stephanie Burgis (stephanieburgis) wrote,
Stephanie Burgis

Elsewhere in Whoville... can read my guest post over at YA author Megan Crewe's blog, as part of her series "The Ways We Struggle". This was a nerve-wracking entry to write, because it's very personal - the whole point of her blog series is to show some of the hard parts behind our shiny public faces & careers - but I really hope you guys like it. Here's a quick snippet:

I like to be in control of my life. No, wait, maybe I need to rephrase that. I physically need to feel in control. I guess I always knew that about myself, but when I was 21, I had it confirmed in a way I’d never expected....

You can read the full blog entry here.

(And please do leave a comment if anything occurs to you, so I don't feel quite so nervous about the entry being up there and totally public! ;p )
Tags: blogging away
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