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News and links and MG heroines

First of all: the chocolate strategy is working! The last few days, fueled by scientifically-applied dark chocolate, I've written about 2,000 words a day on my freelance project. Bribes FTW! ;)

Also, despite my current case of pre-publication-day-anxiety (in the leadup to Renegade Magic's release), I've been reminded that life and the trilogy are both sweeping onward - I'm due to get first-pass pages for Stolen Magic (Kat 3 in its American edition) today (!), and I just saw that A Reckless Magick (the UK edition) is now available for pre-order. There is, of course, no cover image listed yet, but based on the way the voting is going so far, I'm guessing it'll be the yellow cover on the final edition. Then again, who knows? Yellow's lead has shrunk slightly in the last few days...

Alas, there was one surprise on that listing: the British edition now due for publication on October 1st, not August 1st. I'm guessing this might be to give my publishers time to get ARCs printed with the right cover on them? *shrugs* Either way, it was very cool to see it there!

But to read me talking about books that are NOT my own...check out this guest blog I did over at Word Spelunking, talking about my top 10 MG heroines. The heroines include girls from books by Ysabeau Wilce, Lois Lowry, Linda Urban, Sheela Chari, Jenn Reese, and four more. (Linda Urban has two heroines on the list!). Here's a quick snippet: in other words, I am an ENORMOUS fan of strong MG heroines! Aeicha asked me to write about my very favorite MG heroines, so here they are in no particular order: ten girls who made me sometimes cheer, sometimes laugh out loud, and sometimes even cry. I love them all...

Read the full entry here. (You can also follow a link at the bottom of the entry to win a whole box full of MG books, including a British paperback of A Most Improper Magick.)

(And a quick, embarrassed note: the problem with writing guest blogs at night after MrD falls asleep is that some embarrassing typos can creep through! In the guest blog, I refer to Ysabeau Wilve, meaning Ysabeau Wilce and Anastasia Krupknik, meaning Anastasia Krupnik. Honestly, I do know the real spellings! I was just very, very tired that night.)

I'd love to read your comments either here or there.
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