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Back to Normal (With Added Eels)

So, today is the first day back to normal after a wonderful six-day family visit. Six days was not nearly long enough, especially when it had been a year since the last one. I'm so glad that, for once, we have another visit planned within the same year.

Still. Well. Y'know. This morning, I ate a scone with Much Too Much strawberry jam along with my latte. It was kind of comforting, but not enough.

I did get back to work, though. I finished a new chapter of my WIP, hooray! I also checked the cover vote for A Reckless Magick, and yellow is definitely winning so far. (There are 42 days to go in the vote, so we will see what happens! Luckily, I like both colors, so I'm feeling curious and genuinely interested rather than stressed. ;) )

And the full (and lovely!) Kirkus review for Renegade Magic is finally available to read online! Hooray! This review made me happy, and I'm happy that everyone can read it now. (Note: the review is slightly spoiler-y of events that happen at the end of Kat, Incorrigible, which I think is unavoidable for a sequel. But if you are still planning to read Kat, Incorrigible and have just been waiting for the paperback edition to come out, you should know that a couple of the ending plot points are given away in the Renegade Magic review. So...forewarned is forearmed!)

And yes. Renegade Magic is coming out two weeks from today, as is the paperback edition of Kat, Incorrigible! I am really excited. And really nervous. And I may be eating even more chocolate than usual. Possibly.

But just for fun: here is my favorite new undersea discovery, made this past Friday at the (wonderful) Bristol aquarium. From now on, whenever I feel like hiding under the covers because of Publication Day-related anxiety, I'm going to pretend to be this fabulous Moray eel, lurking under the rocks at the bottom of the seabed, but looking fierce, like that's exactly where he wants to be!

And here's a silly bonus question, because it's Tuesday and I'm trying to cheer myself up: which undersea animal would you be, if you could be one for an hour? Anyone who answers gets...er...um...a virtual scone? With lots and LOTS of virtual strawberry jam!


Mar. 20th, 2012 08:17 pm (UTC)
Oooooohhhh. That is a FABULOUS creature!

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