March 16th, 2017

imaginative girl

Talking About Dragons

I had really big news last week: I got my first-ever starred review, and it came from Kirkus Reviews, for The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart! Woooot! I am so happy about this. Kirkus called it "A gloriously fresh story to be read with a steaming cup of chocolate at hand" - and you can read the full review here.

There was a LOT of happy-dancing in our household after that was announced! :)

And speaking of dragons, I had a great time guesting on one of my favorite podcasts, Bellwether Friends, which is run by a pair of fabulous librarians who've been Twitter-friends of mine for years. I've been listening to the podcast for years, so it was a total thrill to be invited to guest on it, and I loved getting to finally hang out with Anna and Alene in...well, not quite in person, but at least via Skype! Basically, since it was me and two librarians mutually geeking out about dragons, the whole podcast is filled with recommendations for lots and lots of dragon-related books and movies in multiple genres and for all age groups (ranging from picturebooks to adult paranormal romance). So: I hope you'll have your library card ready when you listen! :) The episode went up today, and you can listen to it here or download it through iTunes.

(I should note in my own self-defense that we recorded this just a few days after my trip to England, when I was in the middle of a massive post-trip M.E. crash, so if I'm occasionally a little inarticulate, please put it down to my exhaustion! But I had so much fun anyway.)

Let me know if there are any books/movies we should have mentioned but forget! I always love adding to my list. :)

And speaking of reading lists...are you a book-blogger, librarian, bookseller or reviewer in the US or Canada? If so, check it out: the e-ARC of The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart (North American edition) is up on Netgalley now! Hurrah!

Of course, if you're in the UK or Australia, you can buy the published book now, and if you're in North America you can pre-order it as a hardcover or an ebook - less than 3 months left before its May 30th pub date, huzzah! And it recently sold Polish and Romanian rights as well as French and German, so I hope to be announcing more international publication dates soon.

Finally, I have one shockingly NON-dragon-related rec to make: Lin-Manuel Miranda curated this salsa playlist on Spotify (any Parks & Rec fans will recognize the reference in its name!), and I've been listening to it nearly nonstop for the past few days. Perfect music for getting moving...even if only one some writing work! ;)