June 8th, 2016

imaginative girl

Websites, spies, superheros and spaceships

So, first of all: hey! I have a new website! Isn't it pretty? :)

You guys might remember (or not!) that last year my old website was hacked beyond repair. Augh! We had to take it all down, and I threw together an interim, very basic Wordpress site until Patrick (wearing his website designer hat) could build me a new one. Which he did! But then...

Well, it turns out that you can't actually put up a new website until someone's written the text for it. Which would be me, the author. But I've been really busy! So poor Patrick has had to be Very Patient while I took months to getting around to FINALLY putting together the text...

And here it all finally is! Hurrah. And whew! :) I'm so happy to have a full, functioning website again, complete with chapter excerpts for all of my books. Do please let me know, if you surf around it, whether you find any broken links or typos. I put up all the content last week during the kids' half-term break, so there was a LOT of familial distraction going on, to say the least, and typos would not be unexpected. ;)

I got to return to my novel this week, though, and I'm so happy to be back. (I used to be a web editor in my last day job, and it's interesting work, but it's definitely not as fun as writing fiction!) This is my MG spies-and-fairies novel (veeery tentatively titled The Storyteller's Secret), and I hit 40,000 words on it yesterday. Hurrah! My heroine and her friends (and nemeses) have hit a major turning point and are now charging toward the ending (about 20,000 words away) with full momentum. It's always my favorite part of the book to write! (Although I have to learned to foresee that sometime around 45,000 words I will hit that point where I think: Wait. How WILL they get out of this one? Aaaah, it isn't possible! At which point, I have to eat a lot of chocolate to calm myself down before I can figure out the answer. ;) )

I've also been doing lots of reading. I just read Tansy Rayner Roberts's short story "Kid Dark Against the Machine" and LOVED it! You can read my full Goodreads review here, but in short: it's a superhero story that's witty, clever, funny and full of so much heart that I teared up at the (pitch-perfect) ending. It'll be available to read for free on the Book Smugglers website on June 14th, but you can buy the ebook already, and it's totally worth it. (Also, the ebook includes fun extra material, which is a bonus.)

And on a very different note, I also loved C.A. Higgins's Lightless, a science fiction thriller that's intensely character-based and suspenseful and full of fascinating women on various sides of big, morally ambiguous issues.

What about you guys? What have you been reading lately?