March 30th, 2012

imaginative girl

Elsewhere in Whoville... can read my guest post over at YA author Megan Crewe's blog, as part of her series "The Ways We Struggle". This was a nerve-wracking entry to write, because it's very personal - the whole point of her blog series is to show some of the hard parts behind our shiny public faces & careers - but I really hope you guys like it. Here's a quick snippet:

I like to be in control of my life. No, wait, maybe I need to rephrase that. I physically need to feel in control. I guess I always knew that about myself, but when I was 21, I had it confirmed in a way I’d never expected....

You can read the full blog entry here.

(And please do leave a comment if anything occurs to you, so I don't feel quite so nervous about the entry being up there and totally public! ;p )
imaginative girl

Happy sad happy

WOOOOOOT! Renegade Magic and the paperback edition of Kat, Incorrigible have shifted from "pre-order" on B& to "Buy now"! They're even starting to show up in bookstores!

I let out SUCH a whoop when I saw that! Then I started plugging in zip codes like mad, since that's the way you check B&N stock. The books aren't yet listed as in-stock in most stores - I'm hoping that that will change within the next few days. (And since the official publication date isn't until April 3, I'm not complaining!) But Renegade Magic is already in stock at the Lansing Mall in Michigan (my old hometown zipcode was the very FIRST that I plugged in!), at the South Side B&N in Pittsburgh (where I lived for a year and a half, so I still remember my zipcode), and in the B&N in Temecula, California.

I'd been happily plugging in zipcodes, laughing with sheer joy and exhilaration as I looked for cities and stores that had my book...right up until I saw that Temecula listing. And then out of nowhere I began to cry.

See, there's a reason I knew that Temecula zipcode by heart. That was my grandma's zipcode, the one I sent letters to from the very first year I learned to write, all through my life until the end of hers, last October.

And here is the dedication of Renegade Magic, as it appears in the published book which is now sitting on the shelves of the Barnes & Noble in Temecula, the one she used to visit as a voracious reader herself:

For my grandma, Sandra Burgis, who always understood the importance of circulating libraries and exciting novels. And for my son, who teaches me about wild magic every day.

I am so glad I got to send my grandma a British edition of the book last August (in which the dedication to her read "who has always understood..." instead of using the past tense). I'm so glad she got to see the book and read at least part of it. But oh, I wish she could see her name in it as it sat in her hometown store.

I am so, so happy that it's there, though. I still remember trading Georgette Heyer novels with my grandma when I was Kat's age. I remember how I woke her up by giggling over Heyer's The Talisman Ring late at night (after checking it out on her library card earlier that day), and how instead of getting mad, she insisted on borrowing it from me the next day once I was finished - and how she laughed just as much as I had over it. We traded Georgette Heyer novels all the time from then on, as well as other book recommendations.

I miss you, Grandma. But I'm so glad your name is in my book. It will always be dedicated to you.

And as soon as I stop feeling so choked up, I am going to get serious about celebrating....and coming up with more American zipcodes to check. I wish that I remembered more! Can you guys suggest more zipcodes for me to try?

(And ohhhhhh, if any of you have cameras on your phones and you actually see either Renegade Magic or the paperback edition of Kat, Incorrigible in any stores in the next week, I would be so, SO grateful for any pictures you could send me!)