Stephanie Burgis (stephanieburgis) wrote,
Stephanie Burgis

Computer woes and ARC giveaway!

Alas, there was no Christmas miracle at the Apple store on Saturday afternoon. Kind of the opposite, actually...

Not only could they not retrieve ANY of the data from the hard drive, but after 3 hours of driving (roundtrip) to get there and 3 hours hanging out in town waiting for the new hard drive to be inserted (thank goodness for Apple care - at least it was free), we finally got home, I turned on my computer...

...and got that same old gray screen and bouncing question mark. AAAAGH. The computer is still broken.

Worse yet, we can't even get back to the Apple store for the next attempt until I'll be stealing time off Patrick's computer for a while longer. Sigh.

But! To cheer myself up, I have decided that it's do my first Advance Reader's Copy (ARC) giveaway for A Most Improper Magick!

ARCs, with my writing tiara and Jane Austen action figure

This giveaway is open to anyone in any country. All you have to do is let other people know about the giveaway, either by tweeting the following tweet, if you have a twitter account:

RT @stephanieburgis : Win an ARC of my novel A MOST IMPROPER MAGICK:

...Or by mentioning it on your blog, using any phrasing you like, but making sure to link to this entry.

Then come tell me that you've done it, so I'll know to enter you in the drawing! You can either leave a message for me here on this journal entry or else email me through my website.

The giveaway will be open for a week, until midnight UK time next Monday, December 21st. One winner will get an ARC, plus an "Everything's Better with Highwaymen!" button and a postcard with the book cover; two runners-up will get "Everything's Better with Highwaymen!" buttons and postcards.

(And if you're debating about whether or not you want an ARC, remember you can read the first chapter on my website to get a taste of the novel!)

Yay! And I can't tell you how happy and worried and excited and scared I feel, all at once, at the idea of more people reading my book! ;)

ETA, December 22nd: This competition is now closed. Thanks so much to everybody who entered!
Tags: computers, giveaways

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