Stephanie Burgis (stephanieburgis) wrote,
Stephanie Burgis

book panic and successful temptations

Gaaaaahhh! The books I ordered from a 3rd-party Amazon seller last week (Cynthia Leitich Smith's Tantalize, Gordon Korman's No More Dead Dogs, and Nalo Hopkinson's New Moon's Arms) have still not even been dispatched! The new online estimate claims they'll be sent between today and March 16th. The depths of my trauma are beyond description. One of the worst side-effects of having been sick for So Damn Long is the feeling of Total Book Panic All the Time. Thank God I've got knitting to take my mind off the lack of new books to read. But sadly, I can't spend all day knitting or writing - my wrists and brain both give out after a certain point! I've already re-read all the books I can stand to re-read and am now starting again on some of the ones I first re-read a couple of months ago. Please, Book Depository, send me my books soon!

In much better news, I clicked onto Locus Online today and laughed out loud with delight when I saw the ad running across the top of my screen! Justina Robson's Keeping It Real is one of my favorite fantasy adventures ever (OK, it's officially science fantasy, but whatever, I'm a fantasy geek, I read it as fantasy), and I luuuuurve that ad. Better yet, it turns out that it's getting a big push for the next two weeks - paperback copies will be set out on the "Quality Paperbacks" tables in front of the SF/fantasy sections of every Borders bookstore in the USA! I am so glad this book is getting such a push - it totally deserves it. Elves, cyborgs, sexy banter, breakneck action...just so much fun.

And best of all, I've finally managed to tempt Justina into getting a LiveJournal account! In her first entry, justinar talks about the joys of learning to let go and shift from the mindset of Serious Science Fiction to SF/Fantasy/chicklit/action fun.

Hooray, I have another blog to read! OK, everybody, get serious about your posting, because it may be a long time before I get those new books...
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