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Life and Links and Some Scary Hot Chocolate

I was feeling really proud of myself this afternoon for everything I'd managed to do today. Not only had I written 631 words of my WIP this morning (hooray!) while MrD (who is all better, triple hooray!) was at preschool, but when I found out that something had gone wrong with our monthly credit card payment, I'd also hopped on a bus into town with MrD to fix things at the bank. Now we were finally back home with a lovely stack of library books as a nice bonus, and yet, with superheroine-style impressiveness, here I was getting even more done by cooking refried beans and hot chocolate...

...and at exactly that point, I looked down and realized that I had just finished adding the necessary tablespoons of olive oil NOT into the pot of boiling pinto beans, as I'd intended, but into the saucepan full of milk for hot chocolate.


And, er...maybe a sign that I need to STOP trying to get any more things done this afternoon! Or at least, I should have a little rest first.

But here are the links I've been holding open on my tabs for a while now so that I could share them here:

  • Tansy Rayner Roberts's guest post on Kate Elliott's blog, Looking for the Women (in Ancient Rome), is an absolutely fascinating look at the different roles women played in ancient Rome, and it's really entertainingly written, which makes it even more fun to read. I cheered as I read - and I immediately started hankering to read some really good historical fiction set in Rome!

  • Sarvenaz Tash's Hey Jealousy is a great blog entry about coping with the kind of jealousy that's just unavoidable in life (and certainly as an author). I love her honesty and her approach to dealing with it.

  • And I really love the latest two ebook covers designed by Patrick, one for an SF story collection by Aliette de Bodard, and one for a YA novel reprint by Stephanie Hale.

    Patrick wrote a really interesting entry about the process behind both cover designs on his blog, and it's definitely worth reading if you're interested in ebooks or cover design!

Now I'm closing my tabs - whew! - and I'm going to take an hour just to curl up with my new library finds. Mmm, reading bliss!

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